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  • Azan Wholemeal Round Rusks - Most Innovative Product
  • The Wholemeal Round Rusks - Absolutely Crispy & Tasty
  • Wide Range of Serving Styles
  • Go with wide choices of serving styles
  • Another Range of Serving Styles
  • Choose any of these rusks to match your serving style

best wheat

Made using top milling grades of hard red spring wheat, this Whole Wheat Bread Flour has a source of fibre as it contains the bran from the wheat grain.

So whether you’re making rusk or bread by hand or using a rusk maker, our Whole Wheat Bread Flour will produce delicious high rising loaves with a soft, even texture.

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high quality ingredients

Our bread, bicuits & our main product - rusk are hygienically prepared using high quality ingredients. Flavors are also computed with these rusk, bread and biscuits to provide an entice taste. Our rusks are crisp and delicious to eat. Being sugar free, some of the offered bakery products are suitable for diabetics people. We offer our products in hygienic and safe packing and above all, our products have long lasting storage life.

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individual orders

Customer can place order either directly or via our site. A single order can include more than one product. Grab the advantage of our low prices when ordering in large quantity.

Call us anytime or 24/7 via our site to get more information on our offer!

Buy Online for Combo 6 or more and we ship your order right at your doorstep free.

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Temporary Out of Stock/ Tiada Stok Sementara

Temporary Out of Stock/ Tiada Stok Sementara


Fresh Breads

The aroma of freshly baked bread, the sensation of tearing through a hearty crust to reach the soft fluffy texture inside, smothered in butter, filled with fresh meats or simply dunked to mop up a rich sauce or soup – these are all the things which make bread sensational!

We believe that this bread and butter product has so much more to offer and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to develop one of the most comprehensive food service ranges of breads available.


We are sure you will love our rusks.

You can find different types of rusks all over the world, but ours are done in the Malaysian style, in unique and intriguing flavors.

All flavors are 100% whole-grain, and low in sugar. We make them all in traditional recipes, from scratch, with all-natural ingredients, because it just tastes better that way.